Many companies today are looking for ways to combat the increasing volatility of their self-funded health benefits.

Through its proprietary Precision Risk approach, Granular Insurance is able to segment risk, reduce variability and deliver a more accurate assessment of a client’s exposure.

Restructuring risk

Traditional employer stop-loss treats a covered population as a unit and builds protection around a single attachment point. With its Precision Risk approach, Granular segments a population into as many as 22 unique cohorts. By doing this, Granular is able to more accurately assess risk, monitor and impact the group’s performance, shift risk from the employer to the carrier and better manage costs.

Granular Insurance

Restructuring Risk

  • Traditional stop-loss models provide a single deductible for each employer.
  • Granular’s Precision Risk model assigns each member to one of 22 deductibles ranging from $20,000 to $1 million based on risk segmentation.
  • Granular’s Precision Risk model reduces volatility and provides more consistent value from year to year.
  • Segmenting members into Precision Risk categories provides better analytics for plan design and care management decisions.


The road ahead is uncharted. When it comes to insurance, nobody likes surprises. Granular Insurance places self-funded employers on a path of certainty with its multi-year rate and benefit guarantee: a meaningful cap on annual premium increases with moderate and predictable changes to an employers’ spec.

Reducing Variability

There will always be variability. Granular’s Precision Risk underwriting delivers better estimators and tighter clusters of expected claims costs across the employers’ population, allowing Granular to offer attractive rates and multi-year rate and benefit guarantees.

Mind the gap

With its Precision Risk approach, Granular Insurance offers protection from higher frequency and higher volatility claims through a mix of specific employer stop-loss deductibles, lowering employer risk both at the member level and overall level. This helps shift risk from employer to Granular.